Automation Workflows

Introducing Action Graphs: build and run custom workflows in minutes.

Built for Many Missions

Whether you need to automate generic tasks, manage complex VFX and 3D rendering pipelines, or want to simplify your CI/CD pipeline, Actionforge makes it easy to build and integrate workflows.

Useful for tasks like file management, event handling, data processing & more.
Visual pipelines for VFX and 3D artists to automate rendering and asset management.
3D and VFX
Build your CI/CD workflows like GitHub Actions workflows.

1. Build your graph.

2. Run it everywhere.

Run your workflows anywhere, whether local or in the cloud.


A Glimpse of Stellar Performance

Actionforge delivers peak performance, rivaling the fastest runtimes, from CPU-intensive tasks to I/O-heavy file operations.

Benchmark to initiate 100k http connections
100,000 HTTP connections
Benchmarkt to copy 10 GB locally
Copy 1,000,000,000 Bytes
Benchmark of running 1 million tasks concurrently
Run 1,000,000 Tasks Concurrently

Create Custom Nodes and Share with Everyone

Custom group nodes help encapsulate complex logic into a single node. Share these nodes with your colleages or friends and help others to build powerful workflows.

Run on Every Platform

Actionforge is designed with highest compatibility in mind. Run your action graphs on x64/arm64 and on all major operating systems, locally on your high-end computer, on your Raspberry Pi or in the cloud.


Support for Windows 10, Windows 11 and most Windows Server versions.


Support for MacOS Monterey, Ventura, and Sonoma.


Support for Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, and more.


Support for the big ship. Deploy and run graphs via Docker and Kubernetes.


Run graphs in Node.js using WebAssembly for max performance. import { run } from "actrun";


Run graphs within Python for performance critical operations. from actrun import run

Feels Like a Desktop App

Actionforge turns complex workflows and automation into an intuitive, enjoyable experience. The web-based graph editor feels like a desktop app, supporting native shortcuts, and drag-and-drop support. A native desktop application is available for Enterprise users.

Keyboard Shortcuts Save Dialog

The perfect Duo ♥

Actionforge also offers a fully-featured integration with GitHub Actions, built as a VS Code Extension. This extension allows you to build GitHub Actions workflows in minutes, not hours, without any need for YAML.


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Built by the creator of Snowtrack, Actionforge offers a fresh perspective on automation, workflows and pipelines.

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